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Manufacture of pallets
and plastic palots

Manufacture of pallets

We have the widest range of plastic pallets for all types of industry or sector. Both light plastic pallets and for medium or large loads. In addition, adapting to the new times, we manufacture hygienic plastic pallets.

Plastic Big Box

Plastic big boxes are used in countless sectors, especially in agriculture. We have, for example, gridded plastic Big Boxes, ideal for preserving food thanks to the fact that they can perfectly aerate the content.

Plastic boxes

We can manufacture all kinds of industrial and commercial plastic boxes. From closed plastic boxes for workshops or automotive, to plastic boxes for food such as the bakery.

The most recent



We are pioneers in plastic welding since 2009, which allows us to manufacture any product that suits the needs of our customers.

Plastic pallets and
and all kinds of packaging

Somos pioneros en soldadura plástica desde 2009, lo que nos permite fabricar cualquier producto que se adapte a las necesidades de nuestros clientes. Díganos su necesidad, y si no está en nuestro catálogo, lo fabricamos para usted tal y como necesite.

Solutions for a wide range of market sector

Any number of products can be manufactured and provided, from one unit to as many as you need, and keeping our products at competitive prices.

I+D, Innovation, Design

and Creativity.

We have an extensive catalog of boxes, containers and pallets in multiple sizes that adapt to the changing needs of different industries.

We have a wide range of boxes and containers for the collection and transport of agricultural products from the plantation to the final point of sale.

We offer solutions for the elaboration, packaging, storage and transportation of products; Ideal for use in distribution, slaughterhouses, bakeries and dairy.

We also have products and solutions for the selective collection of waste.

Important information



We act in our markets through the development of returnable and durable packaging, and therefore, our products are 100% recyclable.

We achieve this through RRRPlastic, belonging to a group of aware companies that base their activity in order to achieve the maximum benefit and well-being of both our customers and the environment.

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