Factory of plastic boxes and pallets

For over 25 years, Grupo Paletplastic is synonymous with growth.

PaletPlastic: manufacturer of plastic boxes and pallets

The presence of plastic in our daily lives is more tan evident, taking a global importance, which shows its quality, versatility, profitability and longevity. The big advantage of plastic is its recyclability. In this way, we actively protect the environment – and make our customers’ work easier.

The great advantage of plastic is its recyclability and can be used on countless occasions, compared to traditional systems such as wood. In this way we not only achieve an ideal solution but also help to preserve the environment.

Every industrial segment makes its own demands on a pallet, box, or pallet box, depending on the need. That’s why we look at our clients’ entire logistics supply chains, analyze their specific challenges, and offer each one precisely the solution that they need for their day-to-day work. From foldable crates, containers, lightweight export pallets and long-lasting logistics pallets to pallet boxes for high-volume warehousing to every conceivable special application: they don’t get just any product, they get exactly what best meets their needs thanks to human and technical resources.

Why choose us?

All the process takes place in our facilities in close cooperation with our customers, providing them with the best value for money.

I+D+ innovation + organization + service represent a success guaranteed.