PALET 1200 x 800 x 120 mm


  • Available in HDPE and PO, nestable and easy to clean.

Reference: NEST H1 (OD-9F)


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Price per pallet(101u):


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*Debido a la inestabilidad en el coste de la materia prima, los precios pueden variar. Consultar.

*Due to the instability in the cost of the raw material, prices may vary. Consult

*En raison de l'instabilité du coût des matières premières, les prix peuvent varier. Consulter

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Technical characteristics
External measures 1200 x 800 x 140 mm
HDPE  5 kg
Floor stand 9 pies
 .  .
Static load 1800 kg
Dynamic load 1000 kg
Color negro
Product Information
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